📌 12 AI Startups raise $140M+

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🗓️ Today’s 1 min recap:

  • Anvilogic raises a $45M Series C for its enterprise security operations platform

  • Ripcord raises a $32M Round for its AI document assistant

  • NeuBird raises a $22M Seed for its AI ITOps engineering assistant

  • Mentee Robotics raises a $17M Round for its humanoid robot

  • AI Squared raises a $13.8M Series A for its business insights platform

  • 7 more rounds caught by my funding tracker

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A detailed highlight

Amount: $45M 🎉

Round: Series C

Lead Investor: Evolution Equity Partners

Anvilogic is a multi-data platform SIEM (security information and event management) that integrates various data sources for improved threat detection and security management.

The platform leverages AI to automate and enhance threat detection capabilities across different cloud environments.

Amount: $32M 🎉

Round: Venture Round

Lead Investor: Google Ventures, Icon Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Lux Capital

Ripcord turns documents into powerful data.

Its platform, Docufai, harnesses proprietary robotics, generative AI, and cloud software to digitize and accurately derive vital information from paper and digital documents with enterprise-grade security.

Amount: $22M 🎉

Round: Seed

Lead Investor: Mayfield Fund

NeuBird is developing an AI ITOps engineer to help manage and analyze data from cloud-native environments.

This assistant uses LLMs to process and analyze large volumes of metrics, logs, and other telemetry data to diagnose system health and problems quickly, thereby reducing the time needed for engineers to address issues.

Amount: $17M 🎉

Round: Venture Round

Lead Investor: Ahren Innovation Capital

Mentee Robotics is building Menteebot, a personalized AI-powered humanoid robot that you can mentor.

Menteebot's advanced dexterity allows it to perform a wide range of tasks with precision, making it adaptable to both household and industrial warehouse settings.

Mentee expects to release a production-ready prototype toward the beginning of 2025.

Amount: $13.8M 🎉

Round: Series A

Lead Investor: Ansa Capital

AI Squared offers a platform that integrates AI-powered insights into existing business applications.

For example, the platform embeds AI-powered insights into applications like CRMs to help sales teams and other business units make informed decisions without needing direct interaction with complex AI models.


Essential introductions

 Veesual raises a $7.5M Seed - AI-powered shopping experiences

 ClaimScore raises a $3.15M Seed - AI-powered legal claim validation

 Spatialedge raises a $3M Round - Enables companies to rapidly build and operationalise ML models

 Verify raises a $1.1M Seed - AI-powered digital asset authenticity

 OmniSynkAI raises a $0.1M Pre-Seed - AI-powered business management system

 Medvise raises an undisclosed Seed - AI-powered medical scribe & coding engine

 Floode raises an undisclosed Pre-Seed - AI-powered executive assistant



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