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A quick highlight

Amount: $10M 🎉

Round: Seed

Investors: Fly Ventures, Inovia Capital, Redalpine

Lakera’s mission is to protect enterprises from various LLM security weaknesses such as prompt injections and data leakage.

Lakera has developed a threat intelligence database comprising insights from various sources, including publicly available open-source datasets, its own in-house research, and data gleaned from an interactive game the company launched earlier this year called Gandalf.

Their flagship product, Lakera Guard, which companies integrate into their applications through an API, is powered by this database.

Amount: $8M 🎉

Round: Seed

Lead Investor: OpenAI Startup Fund

Anysphere’s mission over the next few years is to make programming significantly faster, more enjoyable, and more creative.

They have developed an AI-native software development environment called Cursor. Cursor integrates AI-powered tools to aid developers in writing code and seeking code-related information. It can respond to queries and provide relevant documentation and code definitions. It also utilizes generative AI capabilities from OpenAI, allowing it to generate code based on prompts, scan files for potential bugs, and offer bug-fixing and codebase Q&A features.

Amount: $8M 🎉

Round: Series A

Lead Investors: Somersault Ventures

Intento’s mission is to provide enterprise leaders with tools to offer the best language experience to their customers and teammates using advanced machine translation and multilingual generative AI technologies.

They have developed a Language Hub that integrates with existing software platforms, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Translation Management Systems, to share MT/AI models across the enterprise and improve them based on feedback.

Amount: $2.9M 🎉

Round: Seed

Investors: Y Combinator, General Catalyst, RTP Global, Rebel Fund, and J12 Ventures

Deasie’s mission is to support safe adoption of LLM applications in the enterprise.

They have developed a data governance platform that connects to a company’s data sources, chunks all data such as documents, reports or Slack messages, into smaller sections based on semantic meaning, and tags the contents and sensitivity of each piece of data. Deasie then allows users to spin up a GenAI application, like a chatbot, and using the library of tags ensures that the data being used by the language model is first filtered for relevance, quality and safety.

Amount: $3M 🎉

Round: Seed

Lead Investors: Point72 Ventures, Waverley Capital

Hook’s mission is to empower anyone to remix and remake their favorite songs using AI.

The platform plans to launch a closed beta later this year.

Hook says the investment will allow it to speed up the development of its music platform, which employs AI-powered music effects, enabling users to remix their songs “quickly, easily, and legally”.

Amount: $2.8M 🎉

Round: Pre-Seed

Lead Investor: Octopus Ventures

The company’s mission is to enable ML teams to efficiently deploy LLMs.

TitanML is publicly launching Titan Takeoff, their solution that makes LLM’s deployment faster, cheaper, and easier for ML teams. They have demonstrated up to 90% reductions in compute costs and 20x latency improvements within just hours of deployment.

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Believe in Lakera’s mission? Join them 👇

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