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🔥 Rewind AI made the most innovative pitch ever & it worked

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At Chief AI Office, our goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date information on fundraising events in A.I. as well as the greatest A.I. tools to help you boost your productivity. With our weekly market updates, you'll stay ahead of the curve.

Top picks from last week 🚀 (May 15th - May 21st)

A quick highlight

Rewind AI raises $12M at a $350M valuation in one of the most innovative pitches ever

Rewind AI, is a desktop app designed to give you perfect memory. It sees and listens to everything you do on your Mac (the data is stored locally & NOT on the cloud for privacy reasons) so you never have those itchy moments trying to recall what you were reading about. You can then use all the data to write context-aware emails for example (watch the pitch below to understand this!)

Dan Siroker, co-founder of Rewind AI, made his pitch public on Twitter to avoid repeating the same pitch, reach a wider investor audience & build trust with customers. They received more than 1000+ inbounds, 20+ $1B valuation offers but Dan’s aim was to find a long-term investor and that’s why they chose NEA. If you’re a founder of an AI startup, take advantage of the AI craze and consider making your investment pitch public!

Hippocratic AI, emerges from stealth mode with a mission to develop healthcare general intelligence (HGI) for the future of healthcare bots. With a projected shortage of 3 million healthcare workers, AI offers a solution to bridge the gap and improve access to quality healthcare.

Recent developments have emphasized the importance of domain specificity in LLMs to enhance performance and accuracy. Notably, Google has unveiled its own healthcare-focused LLM named Med-PaLM 2. Here's a comparison between Hippocratic AI and GPT-4 👇

Together, a company focused on open-source generative AI models, has secured $20M in seed round funding led by Lux Capital. The company aims to empower innovation and creativity by making AI accessible to everyone through its cloud platform. The founders recognized the need for open and decentralized alternatives to closed AI systems, which led to the establishment of Together.

Even the developer community has jumped onto using open-source models because of the privacy risks & tailoring issues among others that come with using closed-source models like GPT-4 & Bard.

Union.ai, is a platform centered around Flyte, an open-source tool designed for creating robust workflow automation systems tailored to data, machine learning, and analytics. Its purpose is to provide a unified platform for teams to develop ETL pipelines, analytics workflows, and machine learning pipelines. In my latest tweet, I highlighted the importance of data orchestration in the emerging LLM stack.

Chief AI Tool of the Week 📢

This one has to go to the ChatGPT iOS app! Try it out here 👇

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